Keeping Children Active in After-School Programs

When kids are allowed to roam free after school in the afternoons, many will inevitably find a way to get into trouble. Whether out of their own curiosity or creative impulses or because of peer pressure or other negative forces, kids may often get into trouble when they are not properly supervised and engaged in meaningful activities. One of the best steps that you can take today to ensure that your kids are safe and active after school lets out each day is to find great after-school programs for them to Read the rest of this entry »

No Afterschool Program – Being Home Alone

You can’t always be there when you’re child comes home from school. Some parents go to online services like or other home security providers for peace of mind. What a child or latchkey kid needs more than anything, though is the confidence and the knowledge to confidently and safely survive for however long they are to be home alone.

While it’s not ideal for a child to be home alone, sometimes these things happen. Sometimes afterschool programs get cancelled or the meetings are rescheduled. When this happens, your child needs to be able to last until you come home so the first thing they should have is their own key. You should also put this key on some kind of strap or necklace, making it harder to lose.

You should keep the pantry stocked with easy-to-make meals and snacks as well, so that your child will have something to eat when they come home. Another important thing for your child to know is the rules when it comes to guests and the front door. The rules being that they should never let anyone know without your direct say-so. Children should also have ways to get out of difficult questions when strangers come knocking like “I’m going to call the police” or “my parents can’t come to the door.”

Notice, on that last one, how no one said that the parents weren’t home.

Types of After-School Programs Available for Your Children

If your children are like most others, they need something to do after school because you are not able to be home when they get off the bus or they get bored with nothing to do. There are programs that your children can do after school that cost little to no money, and they are sure to keep your children busy until dinner. Many schools have clubs and sports that children can participate in. these activities will help your child meet Read the rest of this entry »

Yes to After-School Programs – No More Latchkey Kids

Any kind of after school program for children is a great idea. The more after school programs there are, the less children are staying home alone after school. There are various places that offer after school programs. Some of which you would probably never guess!

One rather common place that offers different kinds of after school programs is your child’s school. Some of the activities consist of sports and others consist of different clubs. Most of these are not every day events unless they are in a serious sport. If you enroll your child in Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get Financial Assistance for After-School Programs

Both parents and children can benefit from after school programs. After-school programs can teach young children better social skills. They can also expand their educations beyond the realm of the regular classroom during an after-school session.

Some parents need to have their children enrolled in after-school programs due to late work schedules. Other parents may need to have a mental break from the children and they want the children to benefit from such. These parents can get financial assistance to put their kids through an after school program. If you are one of these parents, you can apply for Read the rest of this entry »

Educational After-School Programs Help Boost Grades

There are many different kinds of after school programs out there today. When most people think of after school activities, they think of sports or clubs. There are also many educational after school activities.

Most schools offer after school tutoring for one. Many teachers try to find a way to make this fun. They do this to keep the kids coming and also to keep their grades up. There is also after school programs that aren’t dedicated solely to main school subjects, but also to after school safety and things along those lines. Regardless of what the Read the rest of this entry »

Best After-School Programs for Elementary School Age Children

With so many parents working today, after school programs have become popular, necessary, and in great demand. There are many types of programs available; parents will want to be sure to choose the best one for their child.

Safety First

The primary concern of any parent looking for an after school program is safety. Will the child be able to get safely to the location after school, once there is it properly fenced-in and secure? Do the adults in Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Children Safe After School Lets Out

If your work hours do not coincide with the hours your child is at school, you are left with a dilemma. Do you allow your child to be home alone until you get home or do you arrange for after school care? Many working parents struggle with the decision of whether or not to leave their children home alone between the time they get out of school and the time an adult will be home from work. While some children will come home from school and do homework as expected, ADT Home Security, others need supervision. If you are concerned that your child may get into trouble if he is unsupervised after school, an after school program is a good option for your family.

A good after school program can provide the safety and supervision that parents desire for their children. After school programs provide structured activities that children enjoy. While the program is less structured than school, there are plenty of things for kids to do so they won’t be bored. Children like after school programs because they have the opportunity to spend time with their friends from school and get help with their homework. Parents like after school programs because their children are supervised by caring adults.